As you know, our favorite color is Blue.  Now is your last chance to support the FDTC in 2022 and keep the Blue Wave rolling.  FDTC programs are free and open to the public, and members are requested to pay nominal dues of $25 for members and $35 for elected members each year. So if you have not yet sent in payment for 2022 dues, please take the opportunity now.

In 2021, the FDTC:

  • Hosted candidate forums, virtual talks and panel discussions with candidates for office, local officials, policy makers
  • Provided a spotlight for community non-profit and grassroots organizations on important issues like child care, climate change, FalmouthNet and more;
  • Coordinated fundraising and other grassroots efforts with local and state campaigns;
  • Donated to state and regional candidates to reinforce our mission to turn red states blue and keep blue states blue;
  • Aided in the recruitment search for candidates for down ballot offices including the District Attorney.

Please take a moment to make your  online dues payment today by clicking on the secure link to ActBlue here or button below, or by writing a check to FDTC and mailing it to FDTC, P.O. Box. 312, Falmouth, MA, 02541. Thank you for making FDTC’s work possible.


Scott Simenas               Rosemary Dreger Carey

Chair                               Vice-Chair

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