FDTC Elected Members as of 09.21.2022:

Every four years, 35 active Falmouth Dems are recruited to run for election as an Elected Member. We collect nomination signatures to place their names on the Massachusetts Democratic Party Presidential Primary ballot.  Any Falmouth resident registered in the Democratic Party can also choose to run and submit nomination papers for Elected Member. In that case there would be more than 35 candidates on the ballot.  The 35 highest vote getters as certified by the Falmouth Town Clerk are then officially recognized as the Elected Members of the FDTC. 

Elected Members always have voting privileges and are often called upon for special tasks that advance Falmouth Dems’ or Mass Dems’ initiatives. Only Elected Members can be Officers or on the Executive Committee. If the number of Elected Members is fewer than thirty-five (35) after any Presidential Primary or if at any time the number of Elected Members falls below thirty-five (35), whether due to a change in address, death, resignation, or removal, the vacancies may be filled by a vote at a Regular Meeting of the FDTC.  

Barrat, David
Carey, Rosemary Dreger
Craig, Elizabeth
Davis, Jarita
Duby, Penny
Duby, Rich
Eaton, Cynthia
Ewald, Deborah
Fairman-Silva, Sandra

Gagne, James
Gessen, Daniel
Gillis, Martha
Harris, Charlotte
Harris, Mary
Harting-Barrat, Pamela
Hickey, Elaine
Islam, Rafiq
Kanellopoulos, Barbara
Lebach, Tom
Liljestrand, James
McCaffrey, Charles
McCormick, Edward
Moritz, Kirstin
Mustafa, Ahmed
Niemeyer, Misty

Patton, Steve
Rhodes, Lynne
Shaffer, Kathleen
Simenas, Scott
Stone, Ann
Strojny, Carol
Tom, Stephen
Uljua, Christine
Ziss, Judy

 * One Vacancy as of 9.21.2022