Dear Falmouth Dems,

Our incredible hard work has paid off!  For the past six months, Falmouth Dems have canvassed, phone banked, written postcards, and stood out with signs. We strategized, Zoomed, staffed a bustling headquarters, ran ads, shared posts, wrote to family and friends, and donated to campaigns. So many wonderful people rolled up their sleeves and pitched in.

So how did all that work out? 

  • Team Healey, Andrea Campbell, and our state-wide candidates won handily and Falmouth voters played an important role.
  • Congressman Bill Keating will head back to Washington to continue to fight for our democracy and our Blue values.
  • Senator Su Moran returns to the State House with the  enthusiastic hometown support that helped a lot in an increasingly purple district.
  • Rob Galibois (DA elect) and Donna Buckley (Sheriff elect) won “seismic” victories, upending a law enforcement culture that no longer meets the needs of our citizens–or keeps us safe.
  • Rep. Dylan Fernandes and Dan Gessen for Assembly of Delegates were reelected in two uncontested, yet critically important races.
  • Newcomer Kathleen Fox Alfano dealt a powerful blow to a popular incumbent. She made a strong case that constituents in her district deserve better.
  • Ron Bergstrom returns to Barnstable County Commission to be our “voice of reason.” All we can say is, Whew! 

Please take a few moments today to take it all in, and Click Here to see the Falmouth results. To all our dedicated volunteers–and our outstanding candidates and staff–a rousing Thank You! Together, our  teamwork paid off. 

And special thanks to the Cape & Islands Democratic Council (CIDC) for their generous support of the Falmouth Dems, and the Donna Buckley Campaign for helping us staff our campaign headquarters.  


Scott Simenas, Chair              Rosemary Dreger Carey, Vice-Chair