The phrase “think globally, act locally”  has been the mantra of the environmental movement. Now, as Falmouth Dems, we have a chance to put it into practice. Town Warrant Article 15 seeks  to reverse the Select Board’s decision denying wind companies access to conduct feasibility studies for potential offshore wind landfall cabling. We need this large scale offshore wind project to help us reach the Commonwealth’s climate goals requiring net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.  You can help by:

  • Voicing your support of Article 15 to the Select Board at
  • Lobbying your Precinct Town meeting members to vote to support Article 15 at the Spring Town Meeting. Click here for the contact information for the precinct town meeting members
  • Submitting ‘Letter to Editor’ to the Falmouth Enterprise ‘ in support of Article 15 and offshore wind energy 

ARTICLE 15: To see if Town Meeting will vote in favor of allowing offshore wind developers the right of entry to conduct soil investigations and studies to assess the feasibility of horizontal directional drilling in Town-owned parcels. This right of entry to conduct physical investigation agreements will grant offshore wind developers only temporary access to conduct physical investigations and studies. Any offshore wind electric cable landing on or siting of facilities on any other Town-owned property must be approved by the Select Board or other Town bodies with jurisdiction over such matters. The Agreement will allow the Town to better assess the feasibility of an interconnection with offshore renewable energy projects that would facilitate the decarbonization of the Massachusetts electric grid and assist the Commonwealth in achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 consistent with state climate law and the Climate Emergency declared by the Town of Falmouth in 2020.