Pay Dues

With Spring finally here, Covid 19 vaccines more available, and signs that the Cape will soon welcome our summer visitors, we’re feeling pretty optimistic! We look forward to riding the Blue Wave in our upcoming elections and have many worthwhile programs and initiatives planned.

Volunteers like you make the FDTC’s work possible. But, of course, there is always a need for funding. So it’s time for our annual Membership Dues drive. FDTC programs are free and open to the public, and members are requested to pay a nominal dues of $15 each year.

In 2020, the FDTC:

  • Coordinated fundraising and other grassroots efforts with local, state and national campaigns from phone banking, to post card writing, letter writing and texting for local candidates and voters in swing states
  • Donated to state and regional candidates, gaining qualified representatives and turning at least two red seats blue
  • Purchased and distributed 2020 presidential campaign lawn signs
  • Hosted candidate forums, virtual talks and panel discussions with candidates for office, local officials, policy makers and grassroots organizations on important issues and moderate and progressive causes.

In 2021, membership dues will support new initiatives such as:

  • Aiding in the recruitment search for candidates for down ballot offices including the District Attorney
  • Connecting with newly registered Democrats to engage them in FDTC activities and opportunities
  • Hosting talks from policy makers and thought leaders on voting rights, climate change policy, the Blue Economy, and more

Membership dues keeps the FDTC Blue Wave rolling. Please take a moment to make your online dues payment today using the secure link to ActBlue below, or by writing a check to FDTC and mailing it to: FDTC, P.O. Box. 312, Falmouth, MA, 02541.

If you have already paid your dues and want to send a little something extra (or a lot) for the upcoming campaign season, we will not stop you. Thank you for making FDTC’s work possible.


Scott Simenas                                                         Rosemary Carey
Chair                                                                         Vice Chair