Upper Cape Democratic Coalition Charter



The membership of the Upper Cape Democratic Coalition (UCDC) includes the Democratic Town Committees of Bourne, Falmouth, Mashpee and Sandwich. The UCDC is being created based on the belief that our collective effort will increase effectiveness in addressing common interests, challenges, and opportunities faced by Upper Cape Democratic Town Committees. These include management of each town committee, membership recruitment, joint training, fundraising, preparation for and conduct of electoral activities, arrangement of speakers, and public events.

The Falmouth Democratic Town Committee initiated this effort by hosting a meeting of the Upper Cape town committee leaders on October 17th to discuss this idea. Very quickly representatives from each town agreed with the concept, including formalizing the relationship through development of an Upper Cape Democratic Coalition (UCDC). The next steps include finalizing the mission and vision of the UCDC, securing ratification by each town committee’s membership, fleshing out the areas of common activity, and launching the enterprise. The goal is to be fully operational in the first quarter of 2014, in order to be best prepared for the critical 2014 election cycle.


The purpose of the Upper Cape Democratic Coalition is to foster collaboration, cooperation, and mutual support among the town committees of Bourne, Falmouth, Mashpee and Sandwich. We believe that by working together we can more effectively advance Democratic principles and values, elect Democratic candidates locally, statewide, and nationally, and build a more vibrant, engaged, and politically active membership in our town committees.


There are a number of activities in which the four town committees can effectively cooperate to mutual benefit. These include:

  • Recruiting Speakers on a wide range of topics of interest to Cape residents, and also of specific interest to town committee members;
  • Scheduling Grassroots Campaign Training and Workshops  to increase effectiveness and campaign skills of the town committee members and volunteers;
  • Recruiting new members by expanding outreach to young Democrats, new voters, Unenrolled voters, and the diverse population of the Upper Cape;
  • Electing Democratic Party candidates to state and national offices by coordinating volunteers, campaign headquarters, telephone banks, canvassing, and GOTV;
  • Sharing lessons learned on membership recruitment, fundraising, voter registration, and campaign organization;
  • Analyzing Election Data from our congressional, state senatorial and state representative districts in order to clearly understand electoral dynamics, effectiveness of campaign strategies, and targeting of likely voters;
  • Developing Strategy on a range of issues including effective techniques to increase membership, preparation and conduct of election campaigning, implementing effective public information programs, etc.;
  • Sponsoring issues forums and fundraising activities supporting the fundraising efforts of individual town committees, as well as developing and conducting large events to benefit all participating town committees (a large concert, or nationally known major speaker would be examples);
  • Coordinating media and public information dissemination that will raise the awareness of Upper Cape residents concerning the work being done by the town committees, as well as the issues we support and the values we espouse. Targets would be local access TV, CC Times and the Enterprises newspapers;
  • Developing Web and Social Media to provide digital forums for advocacy, policy formulation, event promotion, and Upper Cape democratic community development. Initial venues would include The Democratic Free Press (administered by the Sandwich DTC), Facebook, and Twitter. The calendars of the individual UCDC town committees and of the UCDC itself would be made available in a single web location to facilitate event promotion and activity dissemination.  

To conduct this work the UCDC would solicit volunteers from the town committees. These activities form the central mission of the UCDC and sufficient people power to do these effectively is imperative.


In order to coordinate and oversee its efforts the UCDC will establish a Coordinating Committee consisting of three (3) voting representatives from each town committee, plus one alternate. One of the three (3) voting representatives should be the Chair or Vice-Chair of the town committee.  The remaining representatives are to be selected by their local town committee. Representatives are responsible for communicating with their town committee and obtaining the necessary authorization/approval from their town committee to participate in and support UCDC events and activities.  The UCDC will meet on a regular basis determined by its members.


In joining the UCDC each town committee agrees to participate to the best of its ability. At the same time each town committee maintains its own independence and autonomy. Decisions to participate in the range of activities described above will be based on each town committee’s voluntary willingness. At the same time, it will be to the benefit of all four town committees to actively involve themselves in the development and ongoing activities of the UCDC. Cooperation and collaboration will work to the benefit of each town committee, and to the wider community.

Signed by:


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Bourne Democratic Town Committee


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Falmouth Democratic Town Committee

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Mashpee Democratic Town Committee


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Sandwich Democratic Town Committee