FDTC Condemns President Trump for Inciting Insurrection

We condemn President Trump for inciting insurrection against the United States; the 13 Republican Senators and 138 House members who challenged the legitimacy of Biden’s election victory; and the self-proclaimed patriots who ransacked the Capitol.

We commend the members of the U.S. Congress who bravely continued its Constitutional work needed to ensure a peaceful transition of power, and are relieved they are safe.

Nonetheless, we urge Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, and Congressman Bill Keating to work within their respective chambers to begin Impeachment proceedings immediately before the President has the opportunity to foment more violence and do more damage to our democratic institutions and norms. There must also be a full investigation and prosecution of those who participated in the seditious acts at the Capitol, and an inquiry into the failure of the Capitol Police to prepare for the well-publicized event. The lack of preparation by law enforcement that allowed domestic terrorists, some armed with rifles, to take over the Capitol with little resistance (compared to the militaristic show of force against peaceful “Black Lives Matter” demonstrators), must also be examined. If citizens are to ever trust that the rule of law prevails, then justice must be equally rendered regardless of station, race or privilege.

The burden of healing the hyper partisan divide does not fall entirely on our elected officials or law enforcement. All of us have a role to play. The FDTC stands ready to work with any groups genuinely seeking to understand opposing perspectives.


Scott Simenas               Rosemary Dreger Carey
Chair FDTC                   Vice Chair, FDTC

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