Statement Condemning Police Brutality and Racial Profiling

george-floyd-protest-boston Dear FDTC Activist,

Images of yet another unarmed person of color horrifically murdered—the third such incident in the last month—have shocked us all.

We are saddened and outraged over the violent and senseless deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. George Floyd was asphyxiated by an officer’s knee to his neck, while handcuffed and lying face down on the pavement. Breonna Taylor was fatally shot eight times by plain clothes police officers who entered her apartment while serving a “no knock warrant.” Ahmaud Arbery was hunted down and murdered by white vigilantes for running while black.

We reject the notion that these deaths are the result of a few “bad apples.” Vigilantes have no place in our democracy. Police are obligated to protect all of us.

The problems of police brutality, racial profiling and racial inequity are systemic, resulting in a 2.8x rate of violent deaths of black men versus white in the criminal justice system; a 5x incarceration rate of black versus white men nationwide; and massive health inequities including a 3x fatality rate from Covid-19 for people of color. This must change.

It will take much more than getting out the vote in November to dismantle the systems of racial oppression that results in routine violence against people of color. We must not accept another needless loss of a black life at the hands of police or self proclaimed vigilantes. We must insist that the justice system hold the perpetrators accountable. And we must confront and condemn institutional racism wherever and whenever we encounter it. We ask you to join us in this fight because Black Lives Matter.


Scott Simenas                                                  Rosemary Dreger Carey

Chair                                                                  Vice Chair

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