Falmouth Caucus Elects Delegates to the 2019 State Convention

MassMutual Center Registered Democrats in Falmouth held caucus on May 19th to elect delegates to the 2019 Massachusetts Democratic Party State Convention. Congratualtions to the elected delegates: Paul Breslin, Rosemary Carey, Syrel Dawson, Penny Duby, Rich Duby, Sandra Faiman Silva, Thomas Lebach, John Nolan, Maureen Nolan, Scott Simenas, Ann Stone, Thomas Stone, Carol Strojny, Christine Uljua, and Christopher Wyckoff.

The Convention will be held on Saturday, September 14th at the MassMutual Center, 1277 Main Street, Springfield. Democrats from across the state will gather to vote on an Action Agenda and participate in training on party building, electoral techniques and issue-based organizing.

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